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OKAMURA SABRINA Standart Black Mesh Chair
Coat Hanger
Lumbar Support
Soft Casters
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Made in: OKAMURA, Japan
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Product condition: Brand new chair in original packaging
Load: 130 kg
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Package dimensions: 73x85x56 cm
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OKAMURA SABRINA STANDARD Guaranteed Quality Black Mesh Executive Office Chair from the world-renowned Italian firm GIUGIARO Design offers a Comfortable Seating Comfort and Cutting-Edge Italian Design.

OKAMURA SABRINA STANDARD Guaranteed Quality Executive Office Chair was created in collaboration between OKAMURA and GIUGIARO Design, a leader in Italian industrial design.
In Okamura philosophy, comfortability and design does not contradict but interconnect.
OKAMURA Sabrina Executive Office Chair is another representation of this.
Holding the body and following the body movement both during sitting experience - made possible with one simple part, a symbolic ring structure.
Streamlined design of the part is coherently seen in adjustable arms and aluminum legs as well.
You can see this iconic ring structure not just in back view but from front view through permeable mesh back for which you have ample color variation to choose from.
Plastic Body: 
Upholstery: Mesh Back / Cushion Seat.
Upholstery Color: Black.

Lumbar Support.
Coat Hanger.

SABRINA Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Ring Structure - An Iconic Design of Sabrina
This one whole part of ring structure, which will be a synonym for Sabrina, is newly developed, full of technology.
While the center frame firmly supports the person sitting, the side frame, forking left and right, allows for an adequate amount of bending to follow the weight distribution of the body.
A highly permeable mesh fabric provides a flexible and comfortable sitting condition.

2. Synchro-Reclining Mechanism
Synchro-Reclining function enables the chair’s backrest and seat to be synchronously reclined. The maximum angle is 23 degrees for back.
In addition, the chair offers a forward-tilting position - 10° that is convenient for using a PC or writing.

3. Seat Height Adjustment
The leverl located at the bottom-right of the seat is used to adjust the seat height.

4. Reclining Position Lock
The dial located at the bottom-left of the seat is used to lock and unlock the recline. The lever is also used for tilting forward as well.

5. Reclining Tension Adjustment

The reclining tension adjustment can be adjusted by the operation of the dial located at the bottom-right of the seat.

6. Seat Depth Adjustment
The seat can be slid back and forth in the range of 50mm by use of the lever located at the bottom-left of the seat.

7. Lumbar Support
The lumbar support that firmly grasps the lower back can be adjusted within a vertical range of 60mm to match your physical requirement.

8. 3-D Curved Seat
A curve that surrounds the hips provides a comfortable seating experience.

9. Multi-Density Cushion
The Multi-density Cushion distributes body weight evenly to reduce pressure points and improves blood circulation for healthy sitting and superior comfort.
The seat cushion incorporates polyurethane with a consolidation of three different densities. A soft cushion that does not place pressure on the thighs is in front, with a hard cushion in the back to support the hips.
10. 3-D Adjustable Armrests
The up and down (1D), angle (2D), and back and forth (3D) positioning of the elbow pad are adjustable.
The respective movable ranges are 100mm for up and down, 20 degrees for inside, 20 degrees for outside, and 40mm for back and forth.

11. Fixed Large Headrest
The large headrest will gently
support the back of the head.
Okamura Sabrina Wide Mesh Headrest

12. Hard or Soft Castors
Hard castors for carpet or Soft polyurethane casters for hard flooring.

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