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Židle OKAMURA FINORA Sedak Šedá Síťovina Bílý Dekorativní rám Leštěný kříž
Back Frame
Upholstery Back/Seat
Coat Hanger
Lumbar Support
Soft Casters
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Package dimensions: 73x85x56 cm
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OKAMURA FINORA Chrome back frame Black body Black mesh Ergonomic Office Chair was designed by ITALDESIGN and engineered by OKAMURA.
OKAMURA Finora Chair with Iconic back frame cover evokes futuristic automobiles.
By applying the design philosophy that is distinctive to the automotive industry, Finora provides the high level of functionality for the ultimate level in comfort in an office chair without sacrificing the esthetic design.
Decorative Back Frame: 
Base: Polished.
Upholstery: Mesh Back / Mesh Seat
Upholstery Colors: Black.
Headrest: without or with Headrest.

Lumbar Support.
Coat Hanger.

Castors: Soft.

OKAMURA FINORA Comfortable Seating Features:
1. Ankle Tilt Reclining Synchro-Reclining Mechanism
Using the ankle as a pivot point, a tilt mechanism moves in sync with the seat for added support — stimulating healthy variation in posture and relaxation, with uninterrupted comfort.

2. Reclining Position Lock
Click the lever in the tilted position to lock reclining. To release the lock, click the lever once again. When releasing the lock, slightly lean against the backrest.
3. Title Tension Adjustment
Reclining tension is adjustable by sliding the lever under the seat on the right.

4. Seat Height Adjustment
Simply adjust seat height, in a range of 110mm (4 3/8"), with an under-seat finger-operated lever on the right.

5. Seat Depth Adjustment
Also adjust the seat depth simply, in a range of 50mm (2"), with a light-touch lever under the seat on the left.

6. Lumbar Support
The lumbar support adjusts, in a range of 60mm, to match the natural S-curve of your spine, reducing the strain on the back for a healthy posture.

7. Unique Seat Structure
Okamura’s unique Multiple Density Cushion utilizes three types of urethane foam, of varying firmness layered together, to promote healthy sitting.
The Multi-Density Cushion cushion provides softer support at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved circulation; denser cushioning at the back firmly supports the hips for stability and improved posture.

The mesh seat is fitted with soft urethane foam at the front of the seat, reducing pressure on the thighs for improved circulation.
8. 4D Adjustable Armrests
The adjustable arms easily adjust up and down, pivot inward and outward, slide forward and backward, and in and out.

9. Adjustable Headrest
The large headrest is height adjustable, in a range of 100mm, and angle-adjustable up to 35°, providing optimal neck support for all body types.

10. Flexible Frame
The streamlined backrest flexes with your body for incredible comfort.

11. Strength and Durability Breathable Mesh
Unlike other task seating, Finora’s backrest and seat are a proprietary matte mesh that is translucent.
Visually barely there, but engineered for strength and durability.
The seat can also be upholstered with an upgraded curated selection of fabrics for a sophisticated look.
12. Soft or Hard Castors
- Use Soft Casters for Hard Floors made of ceramic, stone, tile or wood.
- Use Hard Casters for Soft Floors using carpet or rug.

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